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Formerly part of the Sir Robert McAlpine group, a British family-owned firm with over 150 years of experience in the construction and engineering sector, RES has been at the forefront of the wind energy industry for nearly 40 years and has played a central role in the development of the renewable energy market worldwide. In 2008 the group completed the de-merger from Sir Robert McAlpine but is still independently owned by the family.

RES' core activity is the development, design, construction, financing and operation of wind, solar, energy storage and transmission projects worldwide. With a portfolio of more than 19GW developed and / or constructed and thousand megawatts in development, RES continues to play a leading role in what is now the world's fastest growing energy sector.

Why renewable energy?

In a world where energy security, sensible resource management and pollution-free power are increasingly high priorities, renewable energy is recognised now as a key energy technology of the future and new markets are continually emerging. Onshore wind power, as the most cost-effective and proven of the technologies, will continue to play a leading role in any strategy to meet our energy needs, particularly in the face of tough short-term carbon-reduction targets, rising oil and gas prices and concerns about future fossil fuel reserves. Alongside wind power will be the development of other sustainable technologies including marine renewables, biomass, micro generation and buildings-integrated heat and power systems.

With a substantial background in renewable energy technology and its implementation, RES is able to offer an unrivalled level of capability to those seeking to harness new forms of clean, abundant, sustainable and economically competitive power.

For more information about Renewable Energy Systems, please visit the website at: www.res-group.com.